Indigo the Self-Serving, Pragmatic Hypocrite

It’s this sort of thing that drives me absolutely nuts. It seems that Indigo, Canada’s largest book retailer, has pulled Harper’s Magazine because it reprinted those uber-infamous cartoons of Muhammad that most people have forgotten about. I wouldn’t be so appalled at Indigo if they were consistent with their religious sympathy, but they’re not. How many volumes of Da Vinci Code have flown off of Indigo shelves? How many Holy Blood, Holy Grail? How many Misquoting Jesus? How many Why Christianity Must Change or Die? The list could go on and on about how many books are sold in major chains like Indigo that fly directly in the face of Biblical Christianity. And what about Harper’s itself? How many cartoons of Jesus have been done, and nobody at Indigo bats an eye. Do Christians in retaliation mob Indigo or Chapters? I have yet to see a mass protest at the Eaton Centre over anything written by Dan Brown! Certainly nothing of the likes that we saw the followers of Muhammad’s so-called “religion of peace.”
I guess I shouldn’t be so suprised. Sin has so affected the mind that unbelievers think good is bad and bad is evil. Left is right, right is left. Maybe I hold out too much hope for sinful man, when I should rejoice that God, in His grace, saved me from sin and such foolishness. I’m no Pelagian, but I think sometimes I give people too much credit.


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