Psalm Singing

Although I do not hold to the view that the church should only sing the Psalms, I do believe that the church at large has greatly neglected the Psalter. What a great opportunity to sing God’s Word, which is wholly appropriate for all occasions we may experience as a body of believers. Rain or shine, we always have a song to sing! I am thankful to the church I attend when home in Windsor, at Grace we often sing a Psalm or two in the Lord’s Day worship. What a delight! My church here in Toronto has awesome worship, and I would love to see the Psalms creep in there more often.
I recently stumbled across this website from the Protestant Reformed Churches in America that has put audio files of their churches singing the Psalms. In particular I enjoy the volumes of “Fitting Praises.” They also have Handel’s Messiah and Psalms sung by their youth. It is quite refreshing to start the morning with a few Psalms. A couple of years ago a Scottish brother gave me a copy of the CD “Performed in Heaven: Congregational Psalm Singing from Scotland.” Taken from recordings over the last number of years from various Psalm singing choir competitions, it too is a good listen.
For those of you interested in arguments for singing the Psalms, check out Carl Trueman’s “What Do Miserable Christians Sing?” (Themelios 25, no. 2). Although he would argue for Psalm singing exclusively, a point I would diverge with him on, I do believe he raises some very important points about singing from the Psalter.


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2 responses to “Psalm Singing

  1. pilgrim

    I forget where I read it, one author lamented that while he does not believe in exclusive psalmody, and many argue well that agree with him, they then go too far the other way and use little or no psalmody.

    I’d have to agree.

  2. Ian

    It really is a shame. Here we have the opportunity to sing inspired writ and we almost wholly neglect it. As lovers of the Word, one would think that singing the Psalms would be a priority!
    Thanks for the comment.

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