Windsor Liberty Seminar – June 24, 2006

For those of you missed the last session of the Windsor Liberty Seminar this past Spring, don’t worry, you have a second chance! On June 24, 2006 lectures will be held at the Ciaciaro Club in Windsor, ON. The event will run from 10am – 3pm with a lunch buffet included. The cost is $20/person.
The speakers for this Seminar are: 1) Karen de Coster a scholar and writer from the Detroit, MI area. Her topic will be “Good Times, Noodle Salad and the State”; 2) Dr. Richard Ebeling, the President of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and former Ludwig Von Mises Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College, MI. His topic will be “The First Principles of Liberty” and 3) Linda Schrock Taylor, an educational consultant, homeschool mom and public school teacher. Her lecture will be “Education Before Government Schooling.”
For more information please contact Cameron Fast here.

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One response to “Windsor Liberty Seminar – June 24, 2006

  1. Cameron Fast

    Thank you, Ian, for posting the seminar. I really appreciate it. I have to notify the Ciociaro staff about how much food we want at the seminar, so it is very important that those who plan to attend register ASAP.

    If we get more than 100 people I won’t have to pay for the room, so please register now, and bring a friend!

    Come learn about liberty! Several Christian books by such champions as Nash, Beisner, Bandow and more, all explaining biblical economics and political philosophy, will be for sale at the book table. You will also walk away with a free copy of The Freeman and a Laissez-Faire Books catalog, so you can order books about freedom.

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