Baby Got Bible And I Cannot Lie

Okay, okay. You HAVE to click this link if you’re at all interested in watching an hilarious Christian parody of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” (you know you remember this from highschool!). It’s called, “Baby Got Book.”

The parody is utterly brilliant. I mean it, brilliant.

“You Christian brother’s can’t deny,
That when a girl walks in with a KJV and a bookmark in Proverbs
You get stoked.”


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4 responses to “Baby Got Bible And I Cannot Lie

  1. kerux

    A. Where have you been ruminator? This has been around for ages!

    B. “Brilliant?”

    You are starting to worry me…

  2. Ian

    Ah well, what can you say?
    And yes, brilliant.
    I should have been worrying you for much longer than just now!

  3. TheTorontoTory

    Where is your blogroll? You need it to sustain membership in “Tories in Toronto”.

  4. Ian

    Hey TorontoTory,
    Shoot, when I switched my template it must’ve dumped and I forgot to put it back! I apologise for that, I didn’t realise. I’ll put it on, asap.

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