The Works of Alexander Carson (1776-1844) Vol. 2

Alexander Carson, Works Volume 2 (Dublin/London/Edinburgh: William Carson/Houlston & Stoneman/Wm. Whyte, 1850).

Volume 2
Treatises on the Romish and Unitarian Controversies

The right and duty of all men to read the Scriptures

The doctrine of Transubstantiation

Remarks on the late Miracle, in a letter addressed to the Rev. Dr. Doyle, Titular Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin

Letter to the Right Hon. William C. Plunket…containing strictures on some parts of his late speech on the Roman Catholic question in the House of Commons, touching the Cavan Reformation

Reply to the Rev. Dr. Drummond’s Essay on the Doctrine of the Trinity, in a letter to the Author

Review of the Discussion on the Unitarian Controversy, between the Rev. John Scott Porter, and the Rev. D. Bagot, M.A., held in Belfast, on April 14, 1834, and three following days


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