David Bahnsen on Protectionism

David Bahnsen, the son of one of my heroes, Greg Bahnsen, has written a piece on the port deal. I’m not sure where I stand on the issue (I’m not a Yank, so I guess it matters little), but it is quite apparent where David stands! The language is a little strong for my tastes, but he gets his point across.
Here’s a quote:
I plead with those free market thinkers on the Hill to wake up. We need these anti-market, anti-trade dinosaurs to be robbed of any influence or power. The ramifications are huge. A more exhaustive treatise on the real life situations happening right now regarding this very issue (the assault on the oil companies, the tax of a “windfall profit” tax, the stifling of trade with other nations, the threatening of nations who generously peg their currency to our greenback, the demonization of companies who lower labor costs by utilizing overseas talent, etc.). For now, I will just simply say that the problems are real, they are not talked about enough, and this is one of the very few issues in our nation that I actually believe represent bipartisan dimentia.

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