It’s Been So Long

The past few weeks have been so busy that I haven’t had the time to blog. Even this post will have to be brief.
What’s been keeping me busy? Primarily school. I had a twelve page report to do on Ivor Davidson’s The Birth of the Church, one of the excellent texts for my early church history class. We’ve also worked our way through Tertullian and Cyprian of Carthage lately for homework.
I’m in the process of finishing a paper on the Sabbath rest found in Hebrews 3:7-4:11 which has been a great study. It’s only supposed to be six pages, and being so verbose, I’ve had a hard time keeping it short. The paper has been scrapped three times thus far, but I’m on the brink of completion! I swear!
I’ve also been plodding through Greek translation which has actually been encouraging (surprise surprise). When you actually get it, Greek isn’t so hard. It really takes discipline though. In class yesterday I was very happy to read along in 1 John and not get stuck (I know, easy for all you Greek scholars, but hey, it was a feat for me!).
I’m also in the process of writing a brief piece on Alexander Carson as an Irish Reformer for Irish-Reformation, a piece on why Christians need to study Church History for The Evangelical Baptist, a review of Jim Elliff’s Wasted Faith; a review of Heloise & Abelard (just starting); a review of John Byl’s Divine Challenge; phew! Too much stuff!!
Tomorrow is the Windsor Liberty Seminar at the University of Windsor, so Vicky and I are going back home for the weekend. I’m looking forward to this seminar – as a good ole free marketeer, I’m sure I’ll be in my element. I recently picked up a copy of Friederich A. Hayek’s Road to Serfdom which looks awesome. It’s been my before-bed reading. I’m all about thinking socialism and fascism are the coterminous for totalitarianism! :) Sorry to all you socialists out there.
Anyways, work beckons, so I must depart. I just thought I’d give an update on my whereabouts.
Oh yeah, and The Band rocks – we must not forget! (I’m listening to them as I type).

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One response to “It’s Been So Long

  1. kerux

    Nice to know you are still alive!!!

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