Early Christian Writings

Here is an excellent resource for students of patristic history. Early Christian Writings is just as the title says, a collection of writings from the early church. Anything one can think of is here in various translations, including those in their original languages. There are links to further resources as well as commentaries for each document.
Take the Epistle to Diognetus for example. There is included the translation by J.B. Lightfoot as well as the one by Roberts-Donaldson. There are further resources included for the epistle such as the Roberts-Donaldson introduction, the Wace introduction, Kirsopp Lake’s introduction, the Handbook of Patrology section on the epistle, Trowbridge’s introduction, the entry on the epistle in the Catholic Encyclopedia and an article on the theme of the “Christian life” in the epistle by J.S. Williams. All they need is Dr. Haykin’s chapter on The Epistle to Diognetus from his recent book Defence of the Truth and they’re all set!
I chose the Epistle to Diognetus as an example because the translation and resource lists were smaller than, say, for The Gospel of Thomas.
What a fabulous resource for those looking to study the early church!
(Note: for those seeking to check Tom Harpur’s misquotes from the early fathers, this will be helpful indeed!)

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