Harpur’s The Pagan Christ

I am currently reading through Tom Harpur’s The Pagan Christ: Recovering Lost Light. A friend of mine and her husband both read it. They lent me their copy of which I am now half way through.
Harpur was the “religion” columnist for The Toronto Star and taught Greek and New Testament at the University of Toronto. He has written a number of other similar books including Life After Death and For Christ’s Sake. He is a former Anglican priest.
Thus far into the book he has been arguing, based on comparative religion findings, that the Christian story of Christ is based upon ancient pagan myths, specifically those found in Egypt.
I’ve compiled a host of critiques of the book in my “favourites” section on IE, but I won’t look at them until I’ve finished the book (hopefully tonight). Of the reviews that I’ve found, the most substantial and damaging looks to come from another local, McMaster’s own Gordon Heath. His review “Neither Scholarly Nor A Solution: A Response to Tom Harpur’s The Pagan Christ” looks good and I’m anxious to get into it.
If any of you out there have other suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!

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